November Recipe of the Month: Elderberry Chutney

Elderberry Chutney Recipe

There’s no better way to get your medicine than through the foods you place in your mouth! Herbs make this easy & fun.  Whether you’re adding a bit of cayenne pepper powder to your spaghetti sauces, chopping up garlic cloves for veggie soups, or grating up some ginger root for your chutneys, you’re adding plant […]

November Crystal of the Month: Citrine

Citrine Stone of The Month Sacred Moon Herbs

Citrine above all else is known as the “stone of abundance”. Abundance in all things & yes that included money too.  In fact some call this stone the “money stone” or the “merchant stone”. Every herb shop I’ve worked in has had a citrine stone in their cash register, including Sacred Moons. I keep a […]

Heart Healing – The Magnificent Rose

Rose Plant Sacred Moon Herbs

Let’s talk a bit about heart healing Rose. “Rose~Open Heart” “Proclaimed the Queen of the Flowers, the Rose has ancient associations with Venus, the goddess of love, art, and beauty…the practice of opening the heart is far more than a New Age trend. It is crucial to our spiritual development and emotional well-being….the flower essence […]