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November Recipe of the Month: Elderberry Chutney

Elderberry Chutney Recipe

There’s no better way to get your medicine than through the foods you place in your mouth! Herbs make this easy & fun.  Whether you’re adding a bit of cayenne pepper powder to your spaghetti sauces, chopping up garlic cloves for veggie soups, or grating up some ginger root for your chutneys, you’re adding plant […]

November Crystal of the Month: Citrine

Citrine Stone of The Month Sacred Moon Herbs

Citrine above all else is known as the “stone of abundance”. Abundance in all things & yes that included money too.  In fact some call this stone the “money stone” or the “merchant stone”. Every herb shop I’ve worked in has had a citrine stone in their cash register, including Sacred Moons. I keep a […]